Solar insect killer lamp is designed by utilizing the principle that mosquitoes and small flying insects are attracted to the light. During the night, the led tube will transmit attractive light wave to attract mosquitos to fly into and then to be electrocuted.

  • Safety and Healthy: Mosquito Insect Killer, no insecticide or chemicals needed, lure mosquito, insect, flies, bug effectively, no noise, no chemical, eco-friendly, is harmless to human bodies and pets.
  • Green environmental power source also can free bright your yard and walker at night
  • Purple lighting insecticidal lamp
  • Working Time:  With a solar panel on the top, it takes 6 hours to fill up the battery and it can work for 8 hours continuously.
  • Working Principles: Light-operated and time-operated.

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Solar Insect Killer Lamp
Solar Insect Killer Lamp
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